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About Us


Alexelen Communication Services Limited is a communication outfit, based in Nigeria, with her spectrum revolving round Digital PR, Corporate Branding, Digital Marketing & Management, Book Publishing & Magazine Production, Radio Production, Programming & presentation, Communication Consultancy and Photography.
We also offer professional trainings for individuals and organization in all the mentioned areas and other related endeavours.
We aim at giving our best to our clients and prospects, so as to maximize their reach; gain more grands, patronage and public engagements by engraving in the hearts of their (our clients’) customers and prospects with appealing and captivating production in our areas of our specialization with utmost professionalism and professional ethics.


To be among the A-class communication organizations in the world

To create employments to millions of people of all race.

To have nations of the world as clients

We shall achieve these by providing best and updated services to our clients

We will also provide healthy working environments for employees and partners